The state of data quality in 2020

C-level interest in #AI and #ML in driving increased awareness of #dataquality

Markets are conversations

Applying the Cluetrain Manifesto to a digital world

Decision makers don’t want the weeds

I’m working from home. I just watched my Aunt use a massive, complicated Excel spreadsheet that looked like a calculator threw up after bad seafood. She was trying to find and understand information about her business to send an email to her boss. She’s still looking! My brain immediately: “No. That looks hard. No. I…


Is it 2020 already?

A recent post on Information Week highlights 10 data and analytics trends that Gartner analyst, Rita Sallam, predicts will expand over the next 3 to 5 years. These trends fit into three main themes – intelligence, structures and scale – bringing together the potential of big data and machine learning. Augmented Analytics Sallam predicts that…

What is data literacy and why is it important

Everybody that works with data, and that makes decision based on data, needs to have an understanding of the underlying, fundamental data management competencies – such as data governance, data quality and data modelling – that allow them to assess whether data is fit for purpose.