How Big Data Can Benefit Your E-Commerce Ventures

From understanding your competitors to pinpointing what makes your target audience tick, big data has myriad benefits for e-commerce entrepreneurs. In order to reap these benefits, you must have a strategy for tracking data from your e-commerce website and marketing campaigns.

In the absence of data, how are governments responding to COVID-19?

South Africa took swift and decisive action in locking the country down, but without accurate data we do not know how many people were infected before we went into lockdown, and how long it will take to recover. This means that everyone has to make educated guesses. However, the data still supports the fact that the lockdown is the most sensible approach to handling the crisis.

Decision makers don’t want the weeds

I’m working from home. I just watched my Aunt use a massive, complicated Excel spreadsheet that looked like a calculator threw up after bad seafood. She was trying to find and understand information about her business to send an email to her boss. She’s still looking! My brain immediately: “No. That looks hard. No. I…