Is a lack of trust inhibiting adoption of AI in South Africa

Concerns about the quality of data are inhibiting the adoption of AI in South Africa and world wide – access the report


Time for the board to take information governance seriously?

Proper information governance will help to ensure that executives, auditors and shareholders can trust the financial results being presented. Information governance is about changing behaviour to maximise the value of data, manage complexity and mitigate risks.

5 data management essentials for your data privacy program

Almost everybody working with personal data will be aware of the glut of legislation, worldwide, that is seeking to protect consumers against the abuse of their personal data. In Europe, GDPR; in South Africa, PoPI, in Nigeria, DPR; in California, CCPA… Around the world, data laws are changing to promote the ethical use of consumer…

What happens if you don’t have data governance?

Earlier this month, Data Governance coach, Nicola Askham published a piece entitled Why you need data governance. In the piece she observed that the driver for data governance is shifting from defensive drivers such as compliance to offensive drivers enabling revenue. Nicola describes how data management activities – such as data quality and master data…

5 critical success factors for streaming data pipelines

Earlier this year, our partner, Syncsort published the results of their 2019 Data Trends survey. A key finding; IT is grappling with data delivery and value Only nine percent of respondents called their organisation very effective at getting value from data, with many struggling to make data accessible to users. What is Data Streaming? Data…