Call Centre Excellence

In the Dec 2013 report, Big Data in the Contact Centre , Aberdeen group makes the case that the judicious use of Big Data can lead to a strategic advantage for call centre operators

Data is integral to the modern call centre – whether this is client information, both structured and unstructured messaging, or product or case management details that agents refer to when addressing service requests.

The report stresses that big data in call centres is not a new phenomenon. However, the adoption of new social media and mobile channels, amongst other factors is increasing the rate at which customer data is growing.

Call centres that are able to leverage this new data effectively are achieving strategic advantages over those that are not – most notably in massively improved first call resolution rates.

Timely access to high quality customer data remains a key challenge for the majority of participants. Tweet this

Aberdeen recommends that call centres adapt a holistic data management strategy in order to streamline the lifecycle of customer data management, while best in class typically deploy data quality tools to manage the growing volumes of customer data, as well as improve its quality.

The full report, which continues to discuss examples of where big data can be leveraged in call centres, can be downloaded with a free registration to Aberdeen Research

Quality data critical to leverage Big Data in call centres