Previewing Collibra Data Citizens 2018

data citizensAs you read this I will be on my way to New York City ahead of next week’s Collibra Data Citizen’s conference

This is the third year that the event is being held, and it is rapidly becoming the event of the year for organisations that are serious about their data

It is great that our South African clients are able to join other data leaders from around the world to network, share experiences and gain insights into how leading organisations from around the world are leveraging data to their advantage.

With data governance a relatively new, and evolving, discipline, all of us are struggling with similar challenges:

  • How to ensure that governance delivers value
  • How to ensure that governance is adopted
  • How to ensure that governance includes the right people / stakeholders
  • and so on….

That’s why I am excited about day 2 in particular – where attendees will be exposed to both emerging trends and lessons learnt from data leaders.

As great as the formal content may be, the real opportunity is in the opportunity to meet and chat to like minded people from around the world.

Last year, data quality and GDPR/Privacy regulations were top trends amongst attendees.

I am curious to see whether these are still trending, and what other data issues may be emerging as key drivers for data governance around the worls

I’ll give you some updates in future posts

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