5 courses to improve your data literacy

What can you do to become data literate?

Certify in Data Management

The pervasiveness of data in our daily lives

Last week, our data management education partner, eLearningCurve published a post on Career Growth in a Data-Driven Economy. The article, by professional resume writer, Jennifer Hay, focused on the need for data management experience and skills  to feature in your curriculum vitae as business is becoming increasingly driven by data. What was unusual was that…


Six signs that data governance is maturing

Data governance is a strategic business program that determines and prioritizes the financial benefit data brings to organizations as well as mitigates the business risk of poor data practices and quality – Michelle Goetz We have been helping companies in sub-Saharan Africa implement data governance programs since 2007 – nearly ten years later there are strong…

Happy 2015: May the data be with you!

I’m sure we are all feeling lazy over the holidays so I thought I would cheat by highlighting Dr Thomas Redman’s (@thedatadoc1) great video – Two Minutes that Matter in Data. A simple insight that gets to the crux of why data is a business problem To learn more from Dr Redman check out his online courses Crafting…