The link between social media, fake news and big data – part 3

how to spot fake newsThis week features the final section of a three part interview on @SAfmradio late last month.

In part one we looked at the difference between data and big data, about emerging trends impacting big data, and about the data siloes present in large organisation create barriers to really taking advantage of big data

In part two wee discussed why volume is not the most critical aspect of big data, looked at the kind of problems that big data can help us to solve, and discussed the need for discernment when dealing with data and how fake news can be used to alter a narrative

This week we are posting the final few minutes of the interview…

We cover some of the challenges of data curatorship – how do we find, understand and trust our data. This leads into the importance of business goals driving the use of data, and finally we touch on the need to govern the use and destruction of data and the consumer’s right to be forgotten!

This topic is covered i much more detail by our partner, Collibra, talking about making sense of the data lake using a data catalog

Once again – we would love to have your thoughts!