A matter of chickens and unicorns

How businesses manage the knowledge gap between decision makers and data specialists could be the difference between boom and bust

What is a data translator?

The data translator bridges the gap between the data scientist and the business

Is data engineering overtaking data science

When Harvard Business Review first touted the data scientist as sexiest job of the 21st century  back in 2012 the role was still in its infancy. The promise of advanced analytics and the insights that business could gain – about their customers, their interactions, their products and everything else were rightly identified as potential gold. Data…

data scientist

Is data science STILL the sexiest job of the 21st century?

When Forbes coined the phrase “sexiest job of the 21st century”  to describe data science, way back in 2012, the role was in its infancy. At the time, the ability to discover new insights from data, using a combination of statistics, machine learning and computer programming, was expected to be thew new competitive differentiator. Data…


Data scientists must see the story behind the data.

“Some people look at data and see integers, booleans and strings. When I look at data, I always wonder what the story is behind it.” – Stefan Groschupf, data scientist and CEO of Datameer. Like Stefan, I see the stories behind the data. This is what makes data interesting, what makes big data relevant and…