Trending topics in Data Integrity

Yesterday I attended day 1 of Trust ’22 – Precisely’s Data Integrity conference

The Keynote – featuring IDC Research Director, Stewart Bond – shared some interesting observations from a recent IDC Spotlight report, Improving Data Integrity and Trust through Transparency and Enrichment

Business benefits of data integrity

Stewart shared his research findings on the business benefits of investing in data integrity – a 42% increase in customer satisfaction, a 40% increase in innovation, an increase of 38% in time to market and 38% in employee retention. Somewhat tongue in cheek – he noted that revenue showed the lowest increase, with only a 29% average increase.

How do we deliver trusted data?

In spite of the value, the report noted that many companies struggle to deliver the data intelligence needed to deliver trusted data. This is due to an underinvestment in the data observability and data transparency solutions necessary to deliver trust.

“Trust comes through transparency provided by intelligence about data backed by enrichment to provide context and deliver integrity”

IDC spotlight report

The report indicates that trust in data is strongest the closer it is to where it is created. As data moves into operational and analytical platforms it tends to degrade, and become less trusted.

Another interesting fact – the people closest to the data trust it the least. They are exposed to quality and integrity issues on a daily basis and understand the impact.

But there is hope.

Companies that embrace DataOps – an agile methodology to streamline the delivery of trusted, reliable analytics – report a 49% improvement to deliver data projects on time. DataOps embraces continuous monitoring and testing of data to stop bad data from being consumed and provides the data intelligence to understand data context and the impact of change quickly.

Better informed project teams make better decisions and get results more quickly.

You can view a recording of the full keynote – which include some exciting innovations from Precisely to support data observability by clicking here: Trending Topics in Data Integrity

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