Data Integration can be cheap and easy

I recently discovered a new approach to data integration that I find really appealing. Instead of focussing on complex data integration issues and can focus on solving the business problem using data. And, best of all, it’s free!

Traditionally, data integration applications are designed to be used in large IT infrastuctures and require highly skilled technical developers for success. In today’s economy, massive volumes of complex data are available and accessible by non-technical and semi-technical users. An interesting approach from innovators, Expressor Software, is intended to make data integration both accessible and usable for these new stakeholders, without sacrificing on performance or governance.

According to Bloor Research’s Philip Howard, the products foundation of “sematic types” significantly reduces development complexity and also drives genuine reuse of components. Read his full blog here. In essence, Expressor uses a strong metadata foundation to handle transformations and the development process is reduced to a source to target mapping exercise.

This is really an exciting approach – download it for free and try it for yourself!

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