Quality data is like KERS

One of the technical enhancements that survived the 2012 rules revision for Formula 1 is the use of a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or KERS, that stores kinetic energy (while braking) and releases this to give addtional speed upon demand.

When KERS was initially introduced, in 2009, it had very limited take up for various technical reasons.

It’s not really very visible until someone wants to overtake – suddenly cars that have KERS have a significant speed advantage of those vehicles that don’t have it.

Quality data is a bit like KERS.

Historically, business may not have invested much in sustainable, quality data. In many cases, the rationale has been that the status quo, while not great, has been adequate.

Now, like KERS, quality data is becoming a competitive advantage. Organisations that continue to ignore this may not really see any effect on their internal business. But cmpetitors that have leveraged data quality to improve business processes are seeing significant returns – and will begin to overtake their more complacent associates.

Is your data quality providing competitive advantage, or is it turning you into a laggard that is struggling to qualify for the start?

This post was originally published on the dataqualitymatters blog

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