2013 in review – what topics trended

Happy Holidays and thanks for ReadingAnother year, another 50 odd posts.

Given that I covered a relatively broad range of topics, including data quality, data governance and metadata management, big data and compliance.

Given this variety, what topics generated the most interest?

The most popular post this year was The DNA of the chief Data Officer.

If you missed it, the post discussed the need for senior data management staff to take a business, rather than a techno-centric approach to their role.

Data as a business issue was in fact the popular topic for 2013

The second (Is data and asset?)and third (Should IT lead data management) most popular posts both addressed this need.

Somewhat surprisingly, trendy topics such as big data did not receive much attention.

The fourth most popular post, The Data Quality Cookbook, discussed a practical approach for approaching enterprise data quality – combining people, process, tools and metrics, and, ideally, as part of your data governance program.

Number five was somewhat of an outlier – although it did prove the theory that posing a provocative question can drive interest. In Data versus Information I suggested that for all practical intentions the terms are synonymous. Unsurprisingly, many disagreed, with the debate on LinkedIn carrying on for nearly three months. Thanks for all of you that have followed us this year, and especially for those of you that have interacted, commented and shared.
If you have a moment, why not follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our weekly Data Management newspaperWishing all of you a happy holiday season.

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