Why do you need data governance?


Are you also confused by data governance?

I am increasingly being asked to assist companies to implement data governance.

On the plus side: It is great that data governance is receiving attention.

On the negative side: Almost without exception these requests are coming from IT. While I support the principle that IT can drive data governance, most of these teams suffer from a lack of strategic support.

In most cases, while calling for data governance, they are looking for tactical support. Maybe they need to document some data requirements, or they are struggling to build a business case to do more. These tactical requirements can add value, and may form part of an overall data governance approach, but they are not in themselves data governance.

There seems to be confusion about what data governance is, why to do it and how to approach it.

So what is data governance?

The data governance video gives a good high level view of what data governance is all about, and why it is important. [Tweet this]

Without data governance, people do not know who to ask for information about the data that they have to use to support their business operations and decision making. The result: The incorrect information is frequently used creating risk and reducing efficiency.

With data governance a council sets policies for the effective use of data. This may include data assets such as reference data, the business data glossary, data quality rules and business traceability. Most importantly, data governance creates an organisational structure making it easy to find the people responsible for the data you work with. This ensures that the correct data is used to achieve operational and decision making goals, that regulations are complied with and that the needs of business are met by monitoring adherence to agreed policies.

The benefits of data governance include:

  • Clear roles and responsibilities for data management and governance
  • Less confusion
  • Faster execution of data intensive initiatives and increased reuse of existing data assets
  • Increased ease and reduced cost of compliance with data intensive legislation
  • And much more

Are you struggling to implement data governance? Contact us today on 0+27 11 485 4856 or read our 10 tips for implementing data governance

Image sourced from https://www.flickr.com/photos/gagilas/3710480555/

4 thoughts on “Why do you need data governance?

    1. Hi Jeff
      Thanks for your great video – I think you have managed to show the relevance of data governance to business as usual functions in a simple and elegant way.

      Hopefully more people will take the couple of minutes to view your excellent video now

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