On Christmas traditions and data quality

Traditional Christmas puddingMerry Christmas – to all that follow this tradition.

South Africa is a largely Protestant country.

For most of us, Christmas means waking up early to open presents that may have been stacked under a traditional Christmas tree. This may be followed by a visit to church, for those that are religious,or simply turn in to a morning spent with family and friends.

Later, we will come home to a traditional Christmas lunch – typically roast turkey and the trimming, followed by a Christmas pudding.

In most of our habits we follow English tradition.

The Christmas tree is a fir or pine – not native to our country.

The Christmas roast meal and warm pudding, while delicious, are not necessarily the best choice for a warm South African summer day – although they are a great choice for a cold British winter.

Many South African’s are creating new traditions – particularly around the meal – shifting to lighter meals that are more suited to our climes.

In business, as in life, we may be stuck in a traditional way of doing things that doesn’t really make sense any more!

Is it time to change your data management traditions?

Maybe you have never really paid attention to data and the opportunities it creates?

Maybe you have always partnered with a particular vendor, without really exploring alternatives that may be a better fit?

Maybe you have been doing things in a particular way because it has become a “tradition” in your business – even though it is not really working for you?

Do you need to revisit your data management traditions?

Whatever your answer, have a fantastic, peaceful and blessed Christmas

Image sourced from http://christmasstockimages.com/free/food-dining/slides/brandy_sauce_dessert.htm

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