#MDM. Master Data Management or Mobile Device Management

master data managementFollow #mdm on twitter and you will find a curious blend of topics.

For those of us in the data game, MDM means Master Data Management.

The term has been in common use for around ten years. It is a core data management discipline, frequently requires investments running into millions of dollars, and can radically enhance an organisation’s ability to deliver profits.

Yet, over the last few years MDM has come to mean something else – mobile device management.

The recent dominance of Android and Apple phones has radically shaken up the IT infrastructure environment.

Where a few years back IT could force users to standardize on Blackberry devices they now have to allow Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

The CEO wants to browse his email from his iPad; the reps access their CRM via various Android phones – heck, even Windows is making a come back.

Mobile Device Management describes the problem of connecting, securing and supporting this infrastructure, which in most cases doesn’t belong to the organisation.

Of course, mobile device management carries its own data challenges.

But the shift of the use of the abbreviation, MDM, from a data centric to infrastructure centric is symptomatic of the traditional focus of IT.

Infrastructure problems still trump data problems in IT’s mind.

Is it time to put the #data back into #mdm?

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