What are your New Year’s data resolutions?

new years resolutionsWell, 2016 has arrived.

In South African many of us are still on holiday.

Have you made any resolutions for better managing your data this year?

Maybe its time to finally define policies and rules for your CRM data – how else will you stop the customer data degradation that so annoys your sales management?

Maybe you need to be thinking about planning for PoPI – 12 months is not a long time to address the technical challenges necessary to comply.

Maybe its time to finally start managing data related risks as part of your standard project management methodology. You know they are going to bite you at some point – maybe some planning could help to stop them from becoming issues.

Maybe you want to bring in some data related KPIs to ensure that data is captured right first time. Ultimately your staff give you the behaviors you reward.

Or maybe its time to finally take advantage of some of the great expertise available through our online data management curriculum? Give yourself a head start by learning from someone else’s experiences for a change?

How will you improve the value of the data in your business this year?

What are your data resolutions?

image sourced from https://www.flickr.com/photos/9009139@N08/2140192229

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