Data governance must disappear

Idata governancen his book, Data Governance, eLearningcurve instructor, John Ladley, suggests that the goal of data governance is to have it “disappear”.

This may seem counter-intuitive.

Many companies embark on their Data Governance journey by creating new roles and new organisation hierarchies to support their idealized view of how data governance should operate.

The challenge, for most, is to maintain initial momentum.

What do we do when our data stewards stop coming to the monthly data governance council meeting?

What I take John to mean is that data governance comprises a multitude of tasks and responsibilities that we should be doing anyway.

The concept of a separate data governance function implies that data governance is something new and unrelated to business as usual.

Successful organisations embed data governance principles into various existing processes.

Updating a business policy? Review and update the relevant data policy at the same time!

Defining a new report? Update the reporting catalog, and any relevant business terms and mapping at the same time.

In larger companies a centralised data governance function may play an important role in supporting the broader community. But for most of us data governance should simply be absorbed into our day to day function. It should disappear!

For more insights from John, why not consider signing up for one of his elearningcurve data governance courses?

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