Has anything changed in the world of MDM?

landscapeThe Information Difference has released its 2016 MDM Landscape review. While you are looking at that you may be interested in the related 2016 Data Quality landscape

So what were the results:

  • Unsurprisingly, big vendors dominate the market strength chart showing that IT executives continue to prefer lower perceived integration risk over better perceived capability.
  • A number of newer vendors – with a largely cloud based approach – appear as string contenders
  • The report highlights the shift from single domain to our preferred multi-domain approach but stresses the “clear divide between technologies that were designed mainly for customer data or product data, and those designed at the outset to handle multiple data domains.”
  • Another interesting trend is the shift towards unstructured data stores for storing MDM data.

One MDM trend that I have noticed is for master data projects to extend beyond traditional “master data”.

Companies wanting to use master data to, for example, improve customer experience are looking to consolidate not just customer master data but also sometimes limited transaction, segmentation or interaction data.

This requires a hybrid data model – combining both master and transnactional data into a true operational single view.

What MDM trends are you seeing?

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