Why are companies expanding their data governance capabilities?

reasons for deploying data governance

A few weeks back I attended the Information Management webinar, Data Governance: A vitamin for competitive advantage,along with a few hundred other people.

A poll of the participants asked: What is the primary reason you are implementing or expanding data governance

As can be seen from the chart, master data and data quality initiatives are by far the biggest business driver, with data analytics a close second.

If data quality is your primary business goal then I invite you to register for next week’s Dataversity webinar:, Achieving Data Quality through Data Governance

This webinar with Bob Seiner will address how to improve data quality through the application of Data Governance practices. Quality starts with a plan and requires formal execution and enforcement of authority over the data. Attend this webinar and take away a plan to achieve data quality through Data Governance.

In this webinar, Bob will discuss:

•    How Data Governance leads to data quality
•    Core principles of Data Governance and data quality success
•    Quality metrics based on governance practices
•    Relationship between quality and governance roles
•    Steps to achieve quality through governance




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