Architecting for big data in the cloud

Cloud SummitLast month I was invited to speak at the 2017 ITWeb Cloud Summit on the topic – Cloud Architecture for Big Data Analytics.

The presentation was scheduled for the last slot of the day – 17:00 to 17:35 – in spite of which we had quite a good audience and, I hope, an informative and useful presentation.

The gist of my presentation can be summarised in 4 points:

  1. Big data can be defined as delivering “rapid time to insight.” Cloud delivers real opportunities in terms of – amongst others – business agility that can enable big data programs before IT is ready to support the new technologies
  2. The benefits of big data in the Cloud are real – however, in order to realise these benefits we must architect to address common concerns over privacy, band width and cost
  3. This means that our architecture must address broader data management capabilities – including data governance, data security and data lineage. We cannont simply plug analytics into our architecture and hope for the best
  4. While usability remains a key  concern for big data solutions, any solution must also provide the governance and administrative capabilities to manage a distributed analytics data set. Some data may reside internally, some may reside externally, some may be spread both internally and externally.

ITWeb recorded the audio as I presented so I have created a 26 minute video that you are welcome to watch for more details

Love to have your feedback!


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