Brexit: Will your data need a passport?

I saw a tweet recently reading “The new James Bond will spend 50% of his time in queues at EU passport control.”

As a hard Brexit looks increasingly possible, British citizens may well find that their relationship with Europe is about to get substantially less convenient.

How will this affect British and EU data exchanges?

I believe that South African companies already have a relevant experience

Many South African corporations have extensive business interests across Africa – even as the head office and primary profit centre remains in South Africa.

In order to gain a universal view of data, and to leverage enterprise investments in Information Technology infrastructure and skills, many companies wish to centralise IT operations at head office.

In many cases, operations in smaller African countries may simply not be economically viable due to tiny customer bases and the low lifetime value of individual clients in some of these countries.

Yet, in many cases, local data privacy regulations require that data is processed and maintained in country.

Corporations must comply with a variety of regulations and, in many cases, must lay down IT infrastructure in multiple countries in order to remain compliant.

Data privacy must be accommodated

As Britain exits Europe, British firms (and multinationals headquartered in the UK) will have to comply with both British and EU legislation in order to do business with Europe.

British regulations must still be established and be passed into law, while the complexities of compliance may force firms to duplicate infrastructure.

Is your firm planning for the data Brexit?

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