Making the shift to data integrity

In a recent diginomica interview, Precisely CEO, Josh Rogers discusses the companies recent rebrand, and focus.

Precisely, formed through the merger of Syncsort and Pitney-Bowes, are now one of the world’s largest independent software suppliers, with a focus on data integrity

The value in integrity

Precisely defines ‘data integrity’ as a combination of the following attributes:

  • Integrate – connect today’s infrastructure with newer technology to unlock all of an enterprise’s data;
  • Verify – help ensure data is accurate, consistent, and complete for confident business decisions;
  • Locate – analyze location data for enhanced, actionable business insights that drive superior outcomes;
  • Enrich – power enhanced decision-making with expertly curated, up-to-date business, location, and consumer data; and
  • Engage – create seamless, meaningful, omni-channel customer experiences using personalized video, chatbot, digital, mobile, and self-service capabilities.

Most of our business is focused on how to deliver data integrity. Data quality is scanning the data for problems, cleaning it up, but what we can do is bring in the notion of location and data enrichment [resulting in data integrity]. I think this is powerful because it’s something that customers need. – Josh Rogers, CEO, Precisely

As a long term partner we are excited about this focus.

We have always had a strong focus on data quality, and its application to deliver trusted master data. In our own small way, we have been focused on data integrity

The additional capabilities, investment and opportunities created by the merger are substantial. In particular, Precisely’s next generation application of Knowledge Graphs to manage master data is game changing – helping to identify not just individuals, but high net worth networks across your business.

We look forward to bringing this to you

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