Yesterday’s approach isn’t working

Yesterday’s approach isn’t working. This was a key message of last month’s Precisely Data Integrity Summit.

Bad data is stalling omnichannel experiences, predictive modelling efforts, intelligent automation programs, and artificial intelligence initiatives. While more and more decision making is being deferred to AI and machine learning, the quality of the training data being applied has a direct impact on the quality of the decisions.

According to the IDC, companies will spend more than 1.3 trillion dollars on digital transformation programs this year. Without a foundation of trusted data this massive investment is at risk.

Josh Rogers, CEO at Precisely introduced the concept of data integrity and its fundamental role in business today in the simplest of terms, “Data integrity is about establishing maximum accuracy, consistency, and context across your data assets. With this foundation in place, you can trust your data and make confident decisions.”

View the intro keynote by Precisely CEO Josh Rogers.

Research findings from the IDC

IDC Research Directors Lynne Schneider and Stewart Bond shared their research findings on data integrity that are included in a new IDC Technology spotlight, Putting Data Integrity into a Larger Context.

Their survey of over 300 data and business analysts showed that nearly half indicated a lack of trust in data quality, whilst more than half indicated a lack of trust in the results of data analysis. This lack of trust is symptomatic of yesterday’s approach to data integrity – a lack of accuracy, consistency and context – limiting the scale at which insights can be delivered.

View the IDC presentation and Q&A with Precisely CTO Tendü Yoğurtçu.

Introducing the Precisely Data Integrity suite

The session featured a demonstration of the new Precisely Data Integrity Suite, the industry’s first  fully modular and interoperable solution that dramatically improves a customer’s ability to deliver accurate, consistent and contextualized data for confident decisions throughout the organization. The suite spans the full spectrum of data integrity, with accuracy and consistency drawn from best-in-class data quality and data integration, and the critical element of context from market-leading location intelligence and data enrichment.

The Data Integrity Suite presentation and demonstration can be viewed on demand

The summit ended with a panel discussion featuring data management executives from Apria Healthcare, Creditsafe and Mastercard as they shared how trusted data is helping them to deliver new services, products and experiences to their customers.

Data integrity is the new approach to delivering trusted data, for analytics and operations, that goes beyond yesterday’s approaches. Accuracy and consistency in data, enhanced with context through location and enrichment, can help companies get there.

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