Data Governance is not Data Management

So many people seem to refer to Data Management as Data Governance.

These terms are not interchangeable!

The DAMA International DMBOK is called the Data MANAGEMENT Body Of Knowledge. It’s not called the Data GOVERNANCE Body of Knowledge.

The EDM Council‘s DCAM is the Data MANAGEMENT Capability Assessment Model. It is not the Data GOVERNANCE Capability Assessment Model.

Data governance is the system of decision rights and accountabilities for information-related processes.

Data governance is the foundation of data management – changing behaviour to ensure the delivery of trusted and valuable information.

Data governance ensures that the right people are involved at every step of the data management process – making decisions, understanding impact, supplying context, prioritising deliveries, and staying informed.

Data management activities – such as metadata management, master data management, data quality and analytics are guided and prioritized through stewardship activities within the data governance organization, as discussed in the post The role of the data steward

This means that every organization is already doing data governance. Every specification that is signed off that involves the use of data, every data quality issue that is resolved, every system change, every request for data, or for a new report, requires decisions to be made by the accountable person or group.

Formalising data governance makes these decisions repeatable, reduces rework and conflicts, provides audit trails for compliance and risk management etc. In most cases this means identifying what you already have, and building from there to an enterprise capability. Chat to us for a data governance maturity assessment and roadmap

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