Do you have an actionable data strategy?

A recent survey shows that, while nearly all organisations have some kind of data strategy, fewer than a third have a data strategy that is clear, understood and actionable.

In this presentation, delivered at the 2022 Big Data and AI conference in Johannesburg, I discuss how to make your data strategy actionable and relevant.

In my experience, many data strategies focus on emerging data trends – for example throwing around terms like BlockChain, IoT, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence – but have no clear focus and no link to a business case.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

If we apply Peter Drucker’s insight to a data strategy, we must recognise that a successful data strategy will be in step with the organisation’s level of data maturity, which in turn will drive the data culture.

We need to answer the question, “What data management capabilities are necessary to meet our business goals?”, do a gap assessment, and define a roadmap based on priorities, capabilities and business case.

Our partner, Precisely, shares some fantastic insights on building the business case for data management in two cases studies that are well worth watching.

Linking Data Governance to Business Goals with a Financial Services case study or

Business Drivers Behind Data Governance with a manufacturing/retail focussed case study

We also touch on how our Enterprise Information Management Framework can be applied to identify gaps and plan priorities that will assist to meet your business priorities

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