In the absence of data, how are governments responding to COVID-19?

South Africa took swift and decisive action in locking the country down, but without accurate data we do not know how many people were infected before we went into lockdown, and how long it will take to recover. This means that everyone has to make educated guesses. However, the data still supports the fact that the lockdown is the most sensible approach to handling the crisis.

Good data or bad data – do you really care

A short post this week – I am still travelling Bias in decision making can trump data – as discussed in Is Bias the 7th data quality metric –  and Is High Cholesterol bad?   On the global stage – the analytics that predicted a Hillary Clinton victory in the 2018 US election was, in…

gender bias

Is “Bias” the 7th big data quality metric

A few weeks back I wrote about the The 6 dimensions of big data quality. These are: Coverage – how well does the data source meet (or fail to meet)  the business need? Continuity – How well does the data set cover all expected or needed intervals? Triangulation – How consistent is data when measured form…


Preconceived ideas lead to big data failures!

7 December 2014 is the 53rd anniversary of the Japanese attack on the US Naval base at Pearl Harbour that brought the United States into the Second World War. It is Sunday – just as it was 53 years ago. The attack saw the Japanese strike a significant blow against the US Pacific fleet sinking…