Big data driving shift from reporting to analytics

discovery new insightAccording to Gartner Research, business intelligence and analytics will remain a CIO focus for at least the next few years. This is because the benefits of fact-based decision making are clear to business managers across marketing, sales, supply chain, risk management and finance.

However, the emergence of big data analytics is causing a shift in business intelligence strategies.

Gartner predicts that as big data discovery platforms mature, companies will take advantage of new lower cost big data solutions to apply analytics to a far broader range of applications, with big data spending accelerating as the cost of acquiring, storing and managing data continues to fall.

The Gartner report shows that big data is at an early stage of adoption, with only around 35% of respondents having made significant investments.

Companies like Datameer are pioneers in delivering the enterprise strength big data data discovery platforms that Gartner predicts will change the way we do business intelligence.

Big data discovery technologies will be the premier BI application as big data causes a shift from report-centric to analysis-centric business intelligence.

A 2014 Gigaom report identified our partner, Datameer, as the top Data Discovery tool, beating out heavyweights like Tableau and Microstrategy. Since then Datameer has partnered with Tableau to provide enhanced visualisation capabilities on top of Datameer’s easy to use data preparation, integration and analytics layers.