The hidden cost of not finding data

Today I overheard someone say, “Most business users give up trying to find or understand the data they need to do their jobs within 30 minutes of trying.” I gave up after 3 minutes of trying to find its source

The digital business is dependent on data

Self-service BI is dependent on data.

Business goals, such as enhanced customer experience, are dependent on analytics, which in turn, are dependent on clean, well understood data.

Data scientists, once rated the sexiest job of the century, spend somewhere between 60% and 90% of their time simply finding and cleaning data needed to build their models – leaving them with very little time for analysis. This reality is driving investment in data engineering and pushing up the costs of data science.

Most knowledge workers spend hours a week looking for data – many of them giving up without ever finding the data they need to do their job.

Our short video discusses some of the hidden impacts and of not finding data.

Does your digital strategy include plans to ensure that knowledge workers can quickly and easily find the data they need to do their job?

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