Data versus Information

The age old debate – which is more important?

Many proponents will argue that Data is a technical term and guaranteed to send business running, Information on the other hand will get buy in and support for any initiative propagated in its name.

By this logic data quality is bad, information governance is good.

Interesting then the Chief Information Officer is frequently regarded by the board as a technocrat, while the Chief Data Officer (if she exists) is probably a business person.

My two pennies worth – they seem to be used interchangeably. Whatever works for you!

3 thoughts on “Data versus Information

  1. What’s even more bizarre is how we’re seeing a rise in CDO (Chief Data Officer) roles that look at how information should be managed more effectively, even when a CIO position is present.

    The failure to date I believe is that most CIO’s are concerned with IT and technology as you pointed out, they should step up and take on a broader role and assign the right people to report into them.

  2. Most CIO’s are concerned with the “T” in IT when the “I” is what business people need. Most (not all) CIO’s are really CTOs. I don’t agree that data is a technical term because with out data you cannot have information. If you don’t get the underlying data right, your information will be flawed. Business needs to pay attention to the data just like they do HR, Finance and other key parts of the business. Every business person that creates their own spreadsheet to track data they collect knows that. My experience is that the people who do the work and have to use the data understand that. For the most part is is managers who rely on others to create information who do not understand. Each of them is different and has to be educated in their own way.

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