Big data, quality matters!

Recent “Big Data” surveys on both sides of the Atlantic show very different levels of adoption of big data analytics

Data Quality top need for Big Data Adoption

A Forbes report on the 2012/2013 NewVantage Partners big data survey, of Fortune 1000 companies, shows that over 68% of respondents are investing more than 1 million dollars in big data this year, while 91% of C-suite executives polled indicated that a big data initiative was either planned, or in progress.

By contrast, the 2012/2013 Steria survey of 650 participants shows that only 7% of European companies rate big data as “very relevant” to their business.

Where the US companies are seeing significant value, predominantly in the area of advanced analytics, European companies are struggling to get past the challenges associated with poor data quality.

Data governance has not been a focus for European firms, with 70% identifying a lack of data governance and BI strategy as key contributor to poor quality data.

Data quality and the lack of an enterprise view are cited as significant barriers to big data entry.

In the US, where big data adoption has doubled from the same time last year, 61% of firms report the adoption of data governance – with nearly 50% indicating that a C-Level executive is responsible for enterprise information and big data. In 48% of firms new roles, such as that of the chief Data Officer, and new processes and structures are critical to ensure successful business adoption.

Steria’s top recommendation for big data laggards:

  •           put data quality at the top of your Big Data Agenda

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