Data quality error embarrasses US

The South African government has demanded an unconditional apology after ANC stalwart and struggle veteran, Tokyo Sexwale, was detained at JF Kennedy Airport.

Sexwale’s name appeared on a terror list created during the apartheid era, when ANC members were banned from entering the US. The ban was lifted after the ending of apartheid, nearly twenty years ago, but the list had apparently not been cleaned,

Realistically, the US will not suffer any real damage to it’s reputation from this oversight.

Poor quality data impacts on the customer experience

However, in a corporate environment, out dated or inaccurate data can have a severe impact on customer experience and, subsequently on the organisation’s reputation.

Problems could range from a legitimate client being refused service due to a faulty payment record, through to the inappropriate disclosure of personal information due to a financial summary being posted to the wrong address.

Media such as Facebook and Twitter have made it much easier for individuals to express their unhappiness, and make poor service visible. They may not get news coverage, like Sexwale, but they have the ability to get the story out.

How is poor quality data impacting your business?

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