Keep your CRM love affair alive

Keep the CRM love allveIt’s been fifteen years since my first exposure to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The promise of “single view of the customer” was Siebel’s mantra. This lead to their phenomenal growth as a business during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

The message resonated with the business audience Siebel targeted. Who would not want an integrated view of all interactions with a client?

Companies migrated existing customer data sets into Siebel, convinced that this would improve revenue.

Over time, the love affair faded. Poor quality customer data did not miraculously improve. The customer still experienced a lack of consistency dealing with the company. Duplicate records and other data quality problems began to propagate in many Siebel installations.

The “cloud” became the new buzzword. Smaller organisations bought into cloud based CRM apps, like and ZohoCRM. These promised a low Total Cost of Ownership through shared infrastructure.

Even large businesses bought into the cloud message. Big CRM users shifted to the cloud. They migrated customer data into convinced that, this time, they would improve revenue.

Over time, the love affair faded. The data quality problems experienced with in house CRM applications did not vanish after shifting data to the cloud. Fro many, the cloud became less attractive, or the running costs of an outsourced solution proved too high.

In recent years, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has become a popular choice for CRM. Deployed in house, or in the Microsoft Azure platform, Dynamics CRM promises increased revenue and an improved customer experience. Corporations are migrating their client data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, convinced that, this time, they will deliver the expected results.

Will the love affair last?

Ultimately, while CRM applications may come and go, your customer data quality is what enables your sales process.

Microsoft recognise that quality information is critical for successful CRM. Tweet this

They have partnered with Trillium Software to ensure that their clients can capture and maintain high quality customer data within Dynamics CRM.

Data quality is the roses, chocolates and diamonds of your CRM project. Tweet This

After 15 years it is good to see that this lesson has been learned. Ensure the success of your CRM initiative by ensuring good quality client data

Watch the data quality for MS CRM demo here  –   Tweet This

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