2 thoughts on “How many data stewards does it take to screw in a light bulb?

  1. Taking the premise that data are the components of information you should separate the governance for each, data governance is about how the data is gathered, and stored and utilised to create information, information governance is about how that information is used and who is allowed to use it. Information governance is therefore a much more political concept than data governance information governance should therefore be under the control of the data owners and data governance under the control of Information Management which manipulates the data to provide the information to the data owners
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  2. Comment: Thanks Gary. I think one of the challenges for those of who like an ordered world is that we seek to impose structure, often in places where it’s not necessarily wanted, needed or welcomed!

    Mindful treatment and curation of data does not necessarily mean strictly controlled, hierarchical methods – a more loosely facilitated collaborative approach may be more suitable. Tools can help, but we’re really dealing with societal norms and behaviours here.

    (Aside: you may remember that I also explored this tension of control vs freedom in my recent discussion paper on “Distributed Data Quality”. I’ll add a cross-reference link to your blog post on my page: http://informationaction.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/new-white-paper-distributed-data-quality.html

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