Data governance 2.0: Who has what it takes?

Master Data Management would like to congratulate our partners, Collibra and Trillium Software, for their recognition in The Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Tools, Q2 2014

Forrester Research’s Michelle Goetz summarises key findings in her blog post Are Data Governance tools ready for data Governance

Whereas most vendors are stuck in a tactical data management mindset, specialist data governance vendor, Collibra, “shows the direction” through their ability to deliver on what Forrester Research calls Data Governance 2.0 – the need for data governance to support each organizations ability exploit the value of data for strategy and operations, by helping the business realize the value potential in data. [Tweet This]

Collibra has a strong partnership with Trillium Software, our other partner mentioned in the Forrester report. Trillium Software are recognised for their ability to link data conditions to business outcomes such as regulatory risk and total cost of ownership.

What does Michelle think you should take into account when considering data governance tools?

  • There is no single solution, but data quality, MDM and metadata management often are tightly connected to govern across
  • Identify tools that enforce best practices for the administrative aspects of data governance – keep in mind the end user is the business and may not be a “data geek”.
  • Look carefully at what it takes to connect data conditions and processes to business outcomes as this effort may be a BI on Data project.
  • Understand the vendor roadmap – choose those that have solid strategies and prototypes/early releases geared toward the strategy, process, and administrative aspects of governance, not just data management and data processing. [Tweet this]

This report is the second from a major research company to recognise Collibra and Trillium Software as the leading data governance solution in the last few months.

The most recent Bloor Research market updates for Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Discovery and Data Cleansing shows the pair as significantly ahead of the competition.

Companies that are ready to move beyond the technically driven approaches of the past, and are ready to embrace data as a strategic business enabler should investigate Collibra and Trillium Software’s capabilities. [Tweet this]





4 thoughts on “Data governance 2.0: Who has what it takes?

    1. Data Governance 2.0 is a Forrester Research concept defined as “An agile approach to data governance focused on just enough controls for managing risk, which enables broader and more insightful use of data required by the evolving needs of an expanding business ecosystem”

      More can be found here:

      Michelle’s post, referenced in the body extends this to mean a strategic, business value driven approach rather than a tactical data management needs driven approach.

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