Customer Experience means business wins control of BI


Time for IT to let business users grow up?

Earlier this month, Forrester Consultant, Boris Evelson ( @bevelson ), commented that business has finally won the battle with IT over who will control Business Intelligence and Analytics.

The reason – businesses agree that the customer is the priority – and that BI must support the priorities and needs of customer facing staff. [Tweet This] IT finally has to accept that business users are grown ups and must be able to make decisions within business driven time frames

Boris makes two predictions that support our view that self service BI platforms will continue to gain ground over legacy IT driven BI solutions.

#1 He predicts a “horses for courses” approach where best of breed BI platforms that can balance scalability and reduced operation risk with agility and faster time to insight will prevail.

He sees this kind of platform supporting business self service while supporting technology management’s need to monitor and productionise selective analyses.

#2 He predicts that self service must shift beyond simple analytics to support data wrangling. Complex ETL processes cannot support business users, while most popular dashboarding tools cannot handle data transformation.

Self service BI cannot be dependent on IT to develop, test and deploy new data transformation and integration processes for every new requirement. Data wrangling – a light weight set of data transformation, integration and cleansing tools designed for the business user – is Boris’ answer to solving this problem

Boris’ predictions are supported by the success of companies, like our partner, Datameer, that combine powerful data wrangling and analytics capabilities via a spreadsheet like interface. Datameer allows any users to identify, wrangle, join,analyse and visualize almost any combination of data sources quickly and with minimal IT support.

If big data is about time to insight – and in the competitive space of customer experience management it most certainly is – then companies that loose months trying to deploy technically complex BI solutions will loose market share to more agile competitors that leverage self service big data platforms to deliver quickly. [Tweet this]

Do you agree with Boris and I?

Download the GigaOM Sector Roadmap for self service data discovery tools here (registration required) [Tweet this]

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