Cloudera and Hortonworks merge – good news for customers

Late last year, Cloudera and Hortonworks announced plans to merge the two companies – a move that came into play early this year.

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According to Tendü Yoğurtçu, CTO of our partner, Syncsort, the two companies have emerged as clear winners in the data space and gained momentum. “But each has had its own unique strengths, and been up against the challenges of an emerging data management platform. Hortonworks clearly put focus on IoT and streaming use cases whereas Cloudera put focus on data science use cases, strengthening the platform with machine learning and artificial intelligence.The merger is great news for consolidation of the market, bringing together the strengths of each company into one single entity that will be able to advance its solutions and the industry’s maturation far faster than either could alone, and to address the cloud and hybrid cloud market requirements.”

Our partners, Collibra and Syncsort are long time partners of both Cloudera and Hortonworks.

Collibra enhances the ability to find, understand and trust data across the enterprise and in Hadoop.

Syncsort, leaders in big data for big iron, have strong partnerships around high performance, no coding data engineering and data quality into and through Hadoop, as demonstrated in last year Building a data pipeline series of Webinar.

As big data matures, data engineering is recognized as being both a prerequisite for and an inhibitor to the delivery of data science.

This news should see our partners strengthen their position as premier Hadoop partners for data engineering and cataloging – helping both Cloudera and Hortonworks customers to deliver quality data pipelines.

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