How does data quality underpin success in a changing and disrupted banking environment?

To remain competitive, traditional banks must be able to make intelligent decisions on how best to serve their customers – and the crux of intelligent decision-making is quality data.

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How does data help the shift to mobile banking?

Our experience helping banks in central and East Africa resolve their customer data management challenges has given me some exposure to the dynamics of delivering mobile banking services to a largely poor and, frequently, unbanked population. I wrote about this earlier in the post Will quality data differentiate banks from mobile operators? In this post I…

mobile payments

Will quality data differentiate banks from mobile operators?

Traditional financial institutions are fighting a war against mobile operators for the lucrative mobile payments market in Africa. At stake – billions of dollars in transaction fees and deposits – particularly targeting the traditionally unbanked population. In more mature markets, such as Europe, where banking penetration is high, most mobile payments options work in partnership…