Data Quality – Year in Review

thank youThe Data Quality matters blog has achieved a milestone this year with over 1000 followers –

The majority of you are from the English speaking world – the USA, South Africa, the UK, canada and Australia – but we also have readers from many other countries.  India, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Mozambique, Brazil and many more.

Data is relevant everywhere!

Thank you for reading and, if you celebrate it, have a Merry Christmas.

A broad spread of topics for the five most popular posts this year:

At number 1, 5 signs you may have outgrown Excel for your Business Data Glossary, explored the reasons to think about moving to a data governance platform to support your data governance and business glossary (Incidentally these are not the same thing).

At number 2, Customer Experience means business wins control of BI explored the need to democratise BI and Big Data Analytics. IT cannot be a bottleneck, yet needs to maintain some level of control over data…

Somewhat to my surprise, you were very interested in how Tableau + Datameer – are simplifying Big Data Analytics  At the end of the day, this post, which came in at number three offers a practical approach to achieving business control of big data

Data quality came in at number 4, with Quality Address Data: 7 Business Drivers In this post I explored the argument that physical address data is no longer relevant as companies seek to shift communication to cheaper electronic channels. Overwhelming agreement that quality address data remains critical for both operations and analytics

Finally, in a piece around the value of data, I explored  Accounting for your data as a business asset Should data be allocated a value on the balance sheet?

I wold also like to thank my colleague, Bowie Myutu, for his contributions on the topic of data architecture and the role this plays as a foundation data management discipline

Looking forward to a great 2016 and thank you for your interest, your comments and your tweets and shares on LinkedIn and Facebook

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