Decision makers don’t want the weeds

I’m working from home. I just watched my Aunt use a massive, complicated Excel spreadsheet that looked like a calculator threw up after bad seafood.

She was trying to find and understand information about her business to send an email to her boss. She’s still looking! My brain immediately: “No. That looks hard. No. I don’t want to do that. No.” When we give data, analytics, BI etc. to end-users, we want the brain to say YES.

NO is what your business users are thinking when you give them an ocean of “Big Data”, give them 4+ BI tools, and fail to teach Data Literacy.

“Why aren’t you using the data? Why aren’t we seeing results? It’s easy, it’s so simple!”

You are making it too hard. It doesn’t matter if YOU think it is easy, or if YOU think people should remember Stat 101, or YOU think whatever.

It doesn’t matter what you think.

Talk to your end-users. Read between the lines. No one wants to admit, or look stupid, because they don’t understand.

If you are a data scientist you might love getting into the weeds. Decision makers don’t want the weeds. They want the beautiful, blooming flowers of a money tree. They want insight, fast, to make a decision and move on to the next thing.




These aren’t just buzzwords

First published by Spencer E. Sobczak on LinkedIn

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